Fall Favorites



This week’s focus: Learning the entire food & drink menu at my work (Lazy Dog Restaurant + blog ideas

What’s yours? Comment Below 🙂

Good things that happened this week: I got tipped over 50% at work & JR is doing a project with Disney this week!

Anything good happened with you this week as well? It could be anything! Let me know!

Challenge this week (from passion planner): Go green & challenge yourself to be more environmentally conscious this week. Carpool? Use Reusable Grocery Bags? Let’s keep our planet clean!

Welcoming Fall with an open arms!

Once October comes rolling, you know the holidays are among us. This means, October thru January will flash before yours eyes in the best possible way. I wanted to start up my blog again during holiday season because I feel that I have a lot more time & ideas to share during this season. I’m sure once the holiday season is over, I’ll have plenty of blogs saved up just in time for spring!

I wanted to start with my fall favorites because I recently bought new products that I fell in love with. Now my fall favorites aren’t necessarily things to use for fall. It simply are favorites I’ve come to love now that fall is starting. Enjoy!

1.) Bite Beauty Matte Lip Creme ~ Glace, ($24)

Quite possibly my favorite color that I have ever purchased! I got a sample for free from Sephora rewards and I fell in love with the color. The color is called “Glace” and it has this dusty mauve look that has a matte finish. Bite Beauty also moisturizes my lips so that’s a plus. This color is perfect for fall, especially if your makeup is on the lighter side and you need that little pop of color. Whenever I wear it, it reminds me of the summer I just had & I am now entering fall season!

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2.) Fresh – Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream, ($41)

This was my very first eye cream that I’ve ever purchased. I’ve been slowly trying to follow the 10-step Korean skincare routine. 2 reasons as to why I’m doing it slowly: One is because they are costly so one thing every paycheck seems doable, and two is I want my skin to be able to get used to all the products one thing at a time. My next purchase will be “Essence”, which affects your skin in a cellular level. You’ll probably see a review of this product sometime in the future. Anyways, this eye cream is more gel-like, once you put it on, you instantly feel your under eyes getting hydrated. There is a sudden cold burst that you feel once you massage it under your eyes. I normally would only use it during my night skin routine but sometimes if my eyes feel dehydrated in the morning, I would use it too.


3.) Birds & Bees Blush Passion Planner , ($29.99)

I purchased my passion planner 6 months ago but since we’re talking about favorites, the holiday season will fill up my planner so I feel that this is appropriate to put in my Fall favorites! Passion Planner’s story is what moved me. Have you ever feel that you’re stuck and don’t know where your life is headed? Well, the man who created passion planner wanted to help people by making a planner that can clearly define personal goals, focuses, and dreams. His ideas are simple: he wanted to use the planner as a map to use to guide everyday decisions. You ask yourself: Is what I am going to do today going to get me closer to my goals? Yes? Do it. No? Don’t do it. That’s it! and for this simple concept, I always recommend this planner. Every week, I will put up my weekly focus before my actual blog of the week, the challenge for the week that was written in the planner, and good things that happened this week. And overtime, I hope you get inspired and do the same. If for some reason, you can’t afford the passion planner, please email me and I will do my best to help! Email me at: caillesdenise@gmail.com, your name, why you want one and what it can do for you. planner.JPEG

4.) Vintage Blue & White Shift Dress, (Similar to mine), ($15)

This is my go-to dress! Put on some thigh high boots and put your hair on a ponytail and you are good to go! As it gets colder, you can pair this with a black coat, and wear black tights! I usually don’t use the white string that comes with it but if you want a “tighter” fit on the waist, then you most certainly can use it! This dress will NEED a no show nude undies, by the way or else, any underwear will SHOW. I kid you not!

& that’s it for my fall favorites, so far. Let me know if you purchased any of these and give me feedback! See you guys next Wednesday!

With a smile,



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