Focus this week: Cleaning  & maintaining the house, doing yoga everyday, and budgeting.

Challenge this week: For this week’s challenge, I would love for all of us to try and wake up early to start our days. Lately, I’ve been waking up every morning before my alarm and loving it!

Good things that happened this week: Danya’s birthday & our Squad Christmas Party!

Hey guys! I can’t believe that we have 17 days until 2016 is over! It’s a bittersweet feeling but I am thrilled for the new year. Sometimes I wish time would slow down though…Anyways, this past week was the Squad’s Secret Santa and I thought I would do a recap on how it went. Raquel, Danya, & Ashley planned everything & we truly felt the Christmas spirit. From the decorations, to the food, & to our speeches, I couldn’t have asked for better friends to spend Christmas with. Also, they’re the only ones who can force me to drink tequila (patron) with them…

My absolute favorite part of the night was when we all gathered up around the tree and said our New Year’s resolutions & one thing that we learned about ourselves this year. There were also a few surprises during those speeches (cough* Coy cough*, & Kris’s tatted up ass). Then we moved on to our Secret Santa! Our limit was $80 and pretty much everyone spent around that limit! When we started opening presents, I looked at everyone and the joy I saw was priceless. We felt like little kids on Christmas Eve! My secret Santa was Ashley! All I really wanted was the Polaroid mini because it is something I have always wanted but I would never buy it for myself. Well, she got me that, Dog dental chews, lashes, & GAME OF THRONES hard copy series. I mean, she got mostly everything on my wish list which is pretty amazing. Even though it is not about the present, the joy of giving someone you love something they love feels amazing. Thank you Ash!!!


After Secret Santa, we cleaned up a bit then it was time for pictures by the tree. We all gathered up and somehow ended up singing Christmas songs. lol. It was pretty dope, I must say.


Everyone went home filled with a grateful, thankful & loving heart not just for one another but for the world. We all hope to fulfill our short & long term goals for next year with being each other’s support & company. Last but not least, we are thankful for God for keeping us company at all times. Cheers to next year!


shout out to our exes




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