Focus this week: Going back to the grind, back to Yoga, back to working.

Good things that happened this week: EVERYTHING! from “BLACK OUT” friendsgivng to my birthday, to my friend Christina coming from Philly to visit JR & I…IT WAS PERFECT!

Challenge this week: Now that thanksgiving is over, please still try & give back as much as you can. EVERY little thing counts. 🙂


So for this week’s post, I wanted to share what I’m thankful for. Hope you ENJOY & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


I am thankful for God & his forgiving & loving soul. I have made so many mistakes and still he keeps me loving me and forgiving me. I trust in Him, always.

I am thankful for being alive and healthy. This year was my healthiest!

I am thankful for my parents for always being with me, by my side, even though they are miles away. I love you and appreciate you always.

I am thankful for my second parents, JR’s parents. They seriously are my favorite people.

I am thankful for my healthy dogs for their unconditional love and for tearing up our coach everyday and me getting to clean the house in return.

I am thankful for WEST WORLD for blowing my mind this year. THIS show…

I am thankful for my friends…This thanksgiving, I got to hangout with my close friends and it started out with a black out in the block. We sipped wine in the dark while sharing stories…It was perfect.

I am thankful for the squad for letting JR & I in your group with open arms. Can’t wait for our Secret Santa.

I am thankful for Raqs for giving me the inspiration and motivation to do good in this world.

I am thankful for Danya for coming back in my life. She’s my oldest friend in Vegas. Love you and appreciate you.

I am thankful for Christina for making me the open-minded person that I am now and for all the fun memories we shared these last few months. Also we are dog-moms, so there’s that…

I am thankful for my friend O, whom we lost this year for all his memories and good food. We miss you here on earth.

I am thankful for losing Yojie and getting hired at Lazy Dog.

I am thankful for the rough months that JR & I had to endure…Without those, I would not have appreciated these far more greater months. This has been the best year financially and I am grateful for the blessings.

& lastly, I am grateful for my biggest fan, my ever so patient man, JR for everything that you do for our little family. You may not hear this from me everyday, but you truly are the biggest blessing God ever gave me. We’ve seen it all these last five years, but I cannot wait for more adventures with you. Like I always tell you, from the words of Jackson Avery, “I love you… I love everything about you… Even the things I don’t like, I love.”

With a smile,



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