Focus this week: Halloween costume & set up for our Halloween party!

Good things that happened this week: Work was amazing this week!

Challenge this week: Pay it forward! Buy something for somebody & tell them to spread kindness 🙂

Who doesn’t love wearing lashes?! I absolutely love wearing lashes! I have 2 go-to lashes that I think you all would love. One is natural & the other one is for when I’m going out-out! Hope you enjoy 🙂

1.) Ardell Lashes, Wispies ($3.99)



These natural lashes will brighten your face any day! It’s so simple yet it pops! Some people may even think it’s real 😉

2.) House of Lashes, Iconic ($12)


These lashes are my go-to for when I’m about to paint the town red! It’s dramatic & sexy. Also, they are heavier than normal lashes, so make sure your eyes can carry them!

What are your favorite lashes?

With a smile,



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